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Doctor Nawaz is coming to Omorfiá!! Only the best here. 
Doctor Nawaz offers advanced aesthetic procedures. You can’t beat dermal filler injected through the hands of a medically trained practitioner. He is absolutely incredible, there’s no one else I would trust to come and see you all. 


-Use booking App to get booked in! Text or call for more info. 
-£50 non-refundable deposit (taken off any treatments had that day) 
-Evening appointments available 
-Medical practitioner
-Harley Street experience


1 Area Botox £199

2 Areas Botox £249

3 Areas Botox £299

4 Areas Botox £349

Masseter Botox £350

Neck Botox (Nefertiti Neck Lift) £350


PLEASE NOTE* If you do choose to have a more dramatic result (no movement) with botox, instead of a subtle relaxed result, please explain this in the consultation. Achieving this result will cost an additional £50.